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Little ForNoGoodButler by greycat-rademenes
Little ForNoGoodButler
Blame :iconkeychi-fim: for this as well as my love for 90s sitcom and awesome cartoons that emulate those.…

All characters belong to their respective owners.
Inspired by MLP:FIM by :iconhasbroplz: and :iconfyre-flye:
FNGCheerWinged by greycat-rademenes
:iconfornogr: can have a cheery side to him ^^ Twilight (Cheerleader) Plz

Also since he's a changeling, this technically isn't a R63, he can just morph.

A winged Version. For some reason, half the time I forget to attach his wings. Maybe For no Good Reason XP
Chrysalis by greycat-rademenes
Ok, I have to honest, of all MLP villains Chrysalis is BY FAR the creepiest in my opinion.

I'm not kidding that the moment she first emerged and opened her green eyes I got pinned to the chair, especially since before we only had Nightmare Moon and Discord.

Aside from that is her trembling voice, the fact feeds of love and in Issue #3 of the main comic she was implied to somehow maim a (admitively gagishly) cute creature in front of the CMCs with the intention of traumatizing them. Not to mention people theoretize that during her confrontation with Zecora she actually killed her o_0

So yeah, Chryssi is messed up!

I'd love to sell prints of this, but I just cannot find the original PSD of this thing to make it high quality XP

Inspired by MLP:FIM by :iconhasbroplz: and :iconfyre-flye:
Blame The Changling by greycat-rademenes
Blame The Changling
To put it simple. Some Pony OCs can cause confusion if you don't know the context ^^

Featuring :iconflyingcentar3:, :iconhisenshi:, :iconrigifan32: :icongreycat-rademenes: and :iconfornogr:

All characters belong to their respective owners.
Inspired by MLP:FIM by :iconhasbroplz: and :iconfyre-flye:

Also used for Rosies Queen of Limbo
Tagged by :iconalfurrix:

Rules :
-Answer the 13 questions that the person who tagged you asks you to answer and then write down 13 questions that you wanna ask the people that you tag.
-You shall tag 13 others.
-Don't answer in the comments...make a journal yourself.

Questions From :iconalfurrix:

1: Doctor Who or Big Bang Theory?
A: I have more friends who are Dr Who fans so I'll go with that X3>

2: Star Wars or Star Trek?
A: Transformers

3: If a tree falls in the woods and nobody is around, dose it still make a noise?
A: Yes but nobody cares.

4: Boxers or Briefs? (If a girl, Bikini or Thong?)
A: Any as long as they're comfortable ^^

5: Xbox 1 or PS4?
A: PC (I'm not doing these on purpose, I just don't wat to put 'neither' in multiple answers <:3)

6: Chinese food or Mexican food or Italian food?
A: Mexican

7: Do you like Femboys?
A: I have nothing against them, but not really.

8: Atomic wedgie or Ripping wedgie?
A: Wedgie *Puts on The Mask*

9: 4th Doctor or 13th Doctor?
A: Prof. Kleks ^w^'

10: Minions, Ponies, or both?
A: Pony Minions!!!

11: Worlds of Tanks or Asphalt 8?
A:  Pokemon Picross  ^w^'''

12: What do you want for Christmas?
A: Snow! (I got it in February X3>)

13: Your opinion on Fallout 4?
A: Can't wait to see it on Game Theory. Yeah, if you haven't noticed I'm not an avid gamer X3>

My Questions:

1. You got a mysterious box in the mail. What's in it?
2. If you could get a Super Power, what would that be?
3. What show from your childhood would you like to see rebooted today?
4. What show from your childhood you want to remain untouched?
5. Would you rather become a Robot/Cyborg, a Ninja or a Pirate?
6. What makes a perfect Pizza?
7. What's the most unlikely character ship you'd love to see? (can be between franchises)
8. Favorite episode of favorite series?
9. What do you love to hate?
10. Favorite hero vs Favorite Villain?
11. If you had the power of Discord (or any chaos based entity) what would be the first thing on your to do list?
12. What would you rather have, a bank account that every 6 months resets itself to 1 000 000$ or your own space ship?
13. Do you like getting scared?

I'm Tagging :iconcosmicchrissy: :icongoldenfoxda: :iconhisenshi:  :iconrigifan32: :iconmlp-silver-quill: :iconwindycitypuma: :iconanyponysfavorites: :iconilovecreativity14: :iconanimechristy: :iconflairnightz:  :icontyandagaart: :iconflyingcentar3: :iconyifle1:

I'm curious to hear from you ^^


greycat-rademenes's Profile Picture
Krystian Dylewski
Artist | Student | Digital Art
Current Residence: Warsaw Poland
Favourite genre of music: as long as I like it
Operating System: Win Vista/XP
MP3 player of choice: my Cell phone
Personal Quote: NOK

I've been absent for a rather while mostly due to scholar work, but I'm slowly getting back to my regular art, so keep watching >^^<

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I love your artwork. It is refreshingly original. It's good stuff.
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